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La Asociacion de (residentes de) Gata Residencial

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The multinational resident’s association for the entire urbanisation was launched in 2008 to promote the social atmosphere and to facilitate contact with the local authorities.

The association is formally registered as a non-profit organisation (statutes translated). Membership is on a voluntary basis and includes the majority of households. There is a small membership fee which enables us to provide funds for social events as well as the administration. All members (households) can participate and vote at the Annual General MeetingCommittee Meetings are held approximately every 6 weeks. These meetings are for Manzana Representatives to discuss and exchange information from members such as offers of help with community activities, information from the council, and issues raised by members. Manzana Representatives are elected by the members in the Manzana (M block). In the committee meetings each Manzana Representative has one vote on behalf of their members.

Our aim is to maintain and improve the environment of our urbanisation and to promote a friendly social atmosphere.

Useful Information for members can be found on this website. There is an internet message group for members to exchange information. The Social Team has a Facebook page

Regular social events organised by the residents include an annual party, and regular events including regular Barmy Bingo and Quiz nights, a book exchange, regular Ladies’ lunches, local walks and also ad hoc events.

We like to keep our streets and public areas tidy. See here .

Although La Asociacion de Gata Residencial carries some authority due to the number of members, it is not a pressure group. If you have a dispute with your neighbour a report to the police or a complaint to the council, you must deal with these promptly and directly. These issues cannot be dealt with by a third party. Nevertheless, in such situations, other members of the Asociacion may be able to offer advice.

Also it must be stressed that the achievements of La Asociacion are only made through the efforts of its members. All members are therefore encouraged to contribute to our community by organising and assisting with group events. There are a number of ways in which La Asociacion can provide support.

More information about the association:

Info sheet -for printing

Committee – Who is my representative?

Committee – Roles

Estatutos Statutes -English version


Events and Achievements 2006-2010 2012 See also our Photo Album.



Membership Procedures

eApplication Application form for printing

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New members are always welcome, especially if you can help us with our work on behalf of our community. By adding your voice to La Asociación you will enhance our credibility with the authorities and you will be kept informed about our community discussions by our internet message forum and your representative.

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