Christmas Fair 2017

Peter Whitbread wrote:

I would like to pass on my congratulations to all those who organised and took part in the Christmas Fair held in Gata yesterday. A particular thanks to Angie who aside from arranging much of the decoration associated with the Santa Grotto was the welcoming face who greeted the multitude of children visiting Santa for over 2hrs, on what turned out to be a pretty nippy evening, following which she assisted in dismantling the Grotto.

One cannot forget of course Santa himself who I believe raced back to Gata from the UK to delight the many excited children who it was very apparent thoroughly enjoyed themselves. In my rough estimation I reckon there must have been in excess of 200 children as the queue appeared to be never ending.

Throughout the day ‘The inexhaustible ‘Johnny Disco’ kept the festive mood going with many seasonal songs and music being played over the sound system for the enjoyment of all those attending.

Thanks must also go to the lovely ladies who managed the Cake/drink stall along with the tombola and of course all those who donated goodies.

Walking about during the day I felt, what I regard as justifiably proud, to be a member of Gata Residencial who certainly left their Mark and it is efforts like this that should go a long way to dispel the myth that are held by those ill advised people who think our urbanisation is an undesirable place to live.

I do also appreciate that aside from those referred to above, there will have been a number of volunteers in the background who helped in many ways without whom the event would perhaps not been the success it was.

WELL DONE everyone!