Nov 2017 Laying membrane and gravel in tree holes

I want to extend my thanks to all those volunteers who turned up this week to help with the clearing of weeds in the holes for orange trees and laying of gravel. The areas we concentrated on we’re what I regard as Public areas where there are no residents ie the back road from Gata and other selected areas. I was truly amazed at the enthusiasm and energy that was displayed and expended such that we were able to surpass what I had felt could be done in the time. So much was achieved by relatively few volunteers who wish to take a pride in where they live. I personally hope that this will inspire others to take a little more care of the areas adjacent to their own properties.

Apart from the work it was an opportunity to meet new faces and I enjoyed the banter and humour that was a feature of each day. Stories were swapped between individuals from diverse backgrounds which included ‘Bob’ the seafarer, John the ‘Chippee’  + good wife Anne from Halifax, Rod the ‘Racer, formerly from the urbanisation but now moved to Javea but still came to help, Graham ‘eye, eye’ formerly an optician, Harry ‘The Fireman’, Trix ‘The Dutch Queen’ + niece, also Andy + Jeanette, Ben & Dorien  & Philipe. Of course I cannot forget the stalwarts who seem to volunteer for everything, Mike & Karen Hubble, Peter Bayliss, & even our treasurer Paul Elvey who all deserve a special thanks.

There is still work to be done by the Town Hall who have committed to clearing the heavy vegetation along the back road and I will be trying to ‘gee’ them up next week. I am sure that you will all agree that a significant improvement has been made to the aspect of our urbanisation. I do fully appreciate that there are some of you out there who for a variety of reasons could not attend, which may include, absence at the time of the work, health reasons, other commitments, all of which I do not have an issue with but equally I feel that there are still some who may still be a little shy in coming forward so just remember this is all being done to make our wonderful life here in Spain a little better.

Well done folks it was a pleasure working along side you albeit a tad tiring, not the banter of course but the physical stuff!!

Pete Whitbread