Barraca – Gata Fiesta 2017

Gata fiestas are coming around again soon and the Social Team would like to repeat the success of last year and have a “barraca” in the village square.  For anyone who is new to the area and doesn’t know what I am on about, different groups rent these hut type structures which are put up in the square every year and they spend the majority of the evenings during fiestas, eating, drinking and generally being merry there!  Last year, the Association decorated their barraca as an international bar, but this year we want to go that bit further of course!
The fiestas this year run from Friday 28th July until Sunday 6th August and the barracas will be open from Saturday 29th.  Each group arranges their own decorations, food and drink and the Fiestas commission provides live music, parties and entertainment every night.  This year, Gata Residencial is going to contribute to the entertainment by hosting our very first TOGA PARTY, probably Monday 31st July (TBC).
Therefore, the Social Team has decided that our theme for the barraca this year should be Ancient Rome so we all have to get our thinking caps on as to the decoration. Also, it is the norm that members wear special T-shirts to give them that bit of identity.