Frequently Asked Questions

Q. In general, how can I find out more information?

A. There is a lot of information on this website. If you cannot find what you are looking for using the menus, try using the Search Box at the bottom of the page. You can also search the message forum, which can be useful for recommendations for tradespeople for example.

Q. Why hasn’t Gata Residencial been formally adopted by the council?

A. This is a long and complex saga. The current situation is that although we have been “implicitly adopted”, no further progress can be made pending a court decision about a dispute between the contractor Bertolin and the council. Judgement is dependent on the evaluation of a survey of the work outstanding. We therefore have no influence over this process.

Q. How can I get a habitation certificate. I need one to sell my house.

Any householder still requiring a certificate should speak to the Council on an individual basis to find out what they need to pay or the documentation needed.

Q. What is happening to the water well intended for riego water?

A. The well is being acquired by the council who intend to operate it to supplement the other wells they use for potable water. With the current drought conditions it is unreasonable to operate a separate well for domestic riego water.

Q. How Do I dispose of household waste?

A. Use the underground bins nearby for household waste and the recycling bins for glass, plastic and paper. A guide to recycling can be found here. DO NOT leave rubbish next to the bins as the regular collection is only to empty the containers. Larger items and garden waste can be deposited at the Ecoparque.

Q. What can I do about noisy renters in a nearby house

A. Some useful advice here.

Q. Do I need to sign on the Padron. Why?

A. Yes. Explanation here.

Q. What must I do if I intend to stay more than 3 months

A1. Official guide about residency laws. (in English. Other languages available.)

A2. Official guide to driving and vehicle laws.

Q. How does Brexit affect my residency rights?

A. According to the Agreement reached on December 15th, 2017, United Kingdom citizens living in Spain for more than five years on March, 29th 2019 will obtain settled status. More detail here

Q. How can I contribute to our community?

A. Participate in our events.

Even if you are only here for a few weeks each year you can still get involved. If you can help with the organisation or starting new activities or events , so much the better. Remember that we are all volunteers so any help is always welcome.

If you are not happy with the way we do things talk to a member of the committee. DO NOT send long emails detailing how you think things could be done better. However well-intentioned, emailed suggestions challenge the patience of the people who are actually working on your behalf.  Remember that “This is Spain,  things get done differently here”. If you can contribute  something please get involved. In general the skills that are the most valuable to us are language skills, specifically Valenciano or Castillano in conjunction with English.